Greetings From the Trenches

Christianity was never supposed to be sanitized.  Even Jesus himself was unafraid to get His hands dirty.  He broke bread with the sinners.  He washed people’s feet.  He ministered in the world.  Though He was the Son of God, Jesus humbled Himself among sinners.  He did the great work that we, as so-called Christians, were called to do, yet fail to do.

We’ve sanitized our faith.  Sitting alongside our fellow church-goers, coming when it fits our schedule, we’ve lost the desire to get involved.  Too afraid to get our Sunday-finest dirty, we’ve declined actual involvement in His work.  And yet, if you’ll remember, during His crucifixion, Jesus’s own garments were soiled with His own blood.  Still, He thought of us.

He lit the way.

Sometimes we need a candle to light our way in the darkness.  Sometimes, we need a torch’s flame.  This endeavor came about because two friends started talking after one found his faith again.  You’ll see posts from two people, at least at first.  Sometimes they’ll be letters.  Sometimes they’ll be bible studies.  Sometimes they’ll be something altogether different.  This is where we share our faith with you. But be warned, it isn’t the overly sanitized version you’re familiar with.  We believe in the savage love and unabashed, unashamed pursuit of Jesus.  Hence, Operation Torchlight.

You will not find hate-mongering or extreme prejudicial viewpoints.  We live by the belief that only God can judge. There is enough malice in the world and we’re not about to contribute. So welcome. Grab a torch and follow Him.